I see France

I know today’s Jan. 30th, but let’s go back to Christmas for a moment. I spent a fantastic Christmas in Paris with Zach, Lex, and Rob–that is, before I was detained. As in London, we did mostly tourist-y things. Number one on our list (well, not Lex’s) was going to the Louvre, which was awesome. Who cares if you can’t see the whole thing in one day? Go!

The Louvre's courtyard, taken from inside the Louvre (yeah, it's that big)

We saw some pretty famous art like the Venus de Milo (pictured) and the Mona Lisa.

We hit up the Eiffel Tower, which is huge and awesome. We walked by it during the day and then went to the top later that night. The Tower is really neat at night because it has flashing lights all over it, but it is also a cold place to be at 10p on Christmas Eve.

Isn't kissing gross? (Photo c/o Rob, but I'm pretty sure I took it)

You can’t see it in the (above) photo, but there was a big Christmas market surrounding the Eiffel Tower. All these white tent/booths were set up, and you could buy all sorts of things. We enjoyed some authentic crepes and hot wine at that place.

Christmas day started pretty slow. We thought the town would be closed, but it turned out to be pulsing with energy. We continually got lost in these narrow, windy (as in, following a curvy course) streets that were full of restaurants and shops and aggressive salespeople. We also hit a few classic sites: the Pantheon, Notre Dame, and the Arc de Triomphe.

The Pantheon: It was closed the day we visited, but one of its gates happened to be wide open. Obviously, we started walking in but were quickly chased down by a flock of security guards.

Notre Dame was incredible. You can't tell from the picture, but it takes up a lot of space. And I could totally imagine Quasimodo sliding along its turrets.

Here's a goofy picture of Rob outside Notre Dame.

Arc de Triomphe

Would I go back to France? Definitely. There are lots of stereotypes about French snobbery, but everyone we met was super nice. Plus, the food was to die for.

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2 Responses to I see France

  1. Sharon Thomsen says:

    Thank you for sharing! What a lovely time!!

    And let’s hope the UK border agency doesn’t get wind of that Incident at the Pantheon. ;)

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