I see London

In all the craziness and apathy resulting from my run-in with British bureaucracy, I never blogged about my awesome trip to London and Paris. Well, our friends Lex and Rob (so relieved he was cool (Z and I hadn’t met him before (Rob is Lex’s boyfriend))) flew to England just before Christmas, and after spending a pleasant/restful day in Cambridge (I wish I had a picture of Lex riding a bike through Cambridge) we headed to London. We spent most of our time doing tourist-y things there, as is illustrated by the following pictures.

Westminster Palace with Big Ben--while we were inside we were lucky enough to witness the House of Lords in action.

Buckingham Palace + statue

The London Eye--this picture was taken shortly before we went on the Eye.

St. Paul's Cathedral--this building is famous for looking good, being tall, and having a million step, all of which were climbed by us.

London Bridge--we didn't actually go to this.

We also went to the National Gallery for some art. Z and I loved it so much we decided to go to the Tate, a modern art museum, while Lex and Rob went to Madame Tussauds, a wax museum.

Whaam! by Roy Lichtenstein at the Tate--Joanna, my roommate freshman year (of college) had a giant poster of this painting that we hung in our room. So cool.

We were on our feet a lot but had loads of fun running around.

Lex trying to open the gates to the royal gardens by Buckingham Palace.

Z and I acting like ducks outside of Duck Island.

We even made a guard smile. (Photo c/o Rob, though I guess Lex or Zach took it.)

And I’ll never forget our night with the Bus Wankers–I loved them though I never knew them.

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