Three weeks down, who knows how many weeks to go

I have now been in the US three weeks since my detainment. I’m tired of missing Zach, and I’m tired of waiting for my visa’s processing to finish, but I’m glad I’m surrounded by so many great people.

My parents left their Christmas celebrations in Kansas a day early to pick me up from the airport, which was very sweet, and my two favorite cats were waiting for me at my parents’ house. (I’ve had way too few cats around me since moving to Cambridge.)

I’ve spent lots of time with friends since I’ve been back. Austin, a college roommate, and I had a chance to hang out. I love that Kitty and I have had a few coffee dates. We went to Caffeine Dreams (so hip, right?) last week and Jones Bros. Cupcakes yesterday. Several of my family members who live out-of-state came to visit, including both my brothers. Two game nights went down, and they always attract the best crew. I had coffee (well, tea) with my friend Nick–I hadn’t seen him since last May. My favorite Chicagoan and former bridesmaid was in town for a few days and graced me with her company. I’ve also had the chance to spend time with my favorite in-laws, and they have been spoiling me so much–dinners, groceries, clothes, rides, you name it. One night, Sidney (my mother-in-law) and I cooked dinner for a bunch of friends and family.

I’ve visited my favorite Starbucks (“Where everybody knows [my] name”) several times–most often with Sara and Celeste–and have ordered all the drinks I’ve been missing most. Although the circumstances were poor, I didn’t have to miss FAT Christmas this year (such a good one), and the three of us had pie at VI one morning (just like old times).

Zach and I Skype daily, which is great but also pretty much sucks. I know it’s a wonderful way to talk to people, and I’m privileged to have this technology that hasn’t been around very long, but it’s best for talking to friends, not the person I cuddle up next to 20 times a day.

The latest news regarding my visa application is that the UK Border Agency in New York has it and is expediting it. Unfortunately, the incident in Paris is complicating things and therefore slowing everything down. A lot. I received an email last Friday saying it would take up to 15 more working days to complete. One down. I’m trying to be positive and hope it’ll be done sooner, but my heart isn’t in it. What I’ve learned from this: I could never be an army wife . . . and I hate today’s paranoic international security apparatus, to borrow a phrase.

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12 Responses to Three weeks down, who knows how many weeks to go

  1. Kitty says:

    You’re crazy positive about this whole thing, I’m super impressed you can atleast fake it…even if you’re not feeling it. I loved getting to see you! And don’t forget, I’m not far if you wanna chat again :) Oh and that is the best picture i’ve seen of the kitties in a long time!

  2. david morrison says:

    Don’t complain or we’ll have you deported to Guatemala.

  3. Heather says:

    I like seeing your and Zach’s comments on social media sites, though! It reminds me of my LDR with David. It’s a really sucky situation, but I think you are both handling it beautifully. Of course we hoped you’d be back over there immediately, but I’m glad you’ve had some good times with the other people you love while you’re in NE.

  4. Sharon Thomsen says:

    “The incident in Paris” sounds very mysterious. I mean, most people have incidents in places like Iowa or Arkansas or Ohio. And get detained there, in say, a county jail. Nowhere near as intriguing to the imagination. I’m sure it’s no consolation to you, or to Zach, but you certainly deserve a little literary mileage out of having your incident be “the incident in Paris.” I mean, it sounds like the title of the great novel of the 21st century: “The global distrust set in motion on September 11, 2001 comes to full fruition a decade later as peaceful, vegan wife of brilliant math student is detained, accused of being a member of the deadly and notorious underground secret society known as FAT… in … The Incident in Paris.”

    If you have to go through this awful experience, you should at least get to write an enduring classic about it. Or a hard-hitting best-seller. I think it could work, especially if you ignored my FAT tie-in ideas (okay, ALL my ideas) and just told what it’s like to experience paranoic international security, as you called it. I’d even buy the hardback, instead of waiting to borrow it from the library.

    But I know you’d rather be with Zach than write any great literary masterpiece.

    And snuggling via Skype sounds just awful. I’m really really really sorry. :(

  5. Z Norwood says:

    You say you couldn’t be an army wife. What about a navy or coast guard or air force wife?

  6. david morrison says:

    KT, it’s going to be okay. Eventually. Hang in there.

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