Access denied

My holidays were great. I spent some time in London and Paris and thoroughly enjoyed being with Zach, Lex, and Rob. There was just one hangup of the trip: I was detained in France and can’t re-enter the UK until I get a valid visa.

I guess I’m naive when it comes to immigration matters. When the UK’s Border Agency’s website said I could visit the UK for six months without a visa I thought I wouldn’t have any problems traveling until those six months were (at least, soon to be) over. I was wrong. Apparently I needed to have had my plane ticket with me proving I’d be leaving within six months, and since I didn’t the Agency didn’t trust that I would leave when I was supposed to. Now I’m back in the US indefinitely, and Zach is all alone in Cambridge. (Friends of his should Skype him.)

Hopefully my visa application gets processed and approved quickly, but I know I’ll be here at least a couple of weeks. This is all a mess, and we’re both very unhappy. We talked with someone from the US Embassy in Paris, but there was nothing the Embassy could do. We’re grateful to our family and friends who are helping us through. Now we’re waiting.

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