Rainy skies with an 80% chance of clouds

The weather in Cambridge changes on a whim. Clear skies out there? Looks like a good day for a ride. Twenty minutes later it’s raining. This seemed particularly true when we arrived in September. Things leveled out for a while after that, and I stopped feeling on guard for weather changes. This week has been a bit unpredictable again. It’s been really windy, so clear skies turn to clouds, the clouds clear, and next thing you know it’s raining. And this is the sort of thing people talk about. People here love talking about the weather.

And who doesn’t love a good weather update? I check the weather most days. Some days I actually check the weather in more than one city. That’s right. Which cities do I like to check on? Well, there’s my hometown Papillion, Nebraska, and I also like to see what’s going on in Fairbanks, Alaska. My former boss at Prairie Schooner (in Lincoln, NE) accepted a job in Fairbanks and moved there last summer.

Take a look at these forecasts:

Cambridge doesn’t look great this week. It’s OK. Too wet. The snow looks good, but who knows if we’ll really get any. It won’t stick.

This strikes me as warm for Papillion in December. The highs are about the same in Papillion and Cambridge, but P-town’s lows are lower.

And Fairbanks. Wow. High of -6°F? That’s cold. My boss moved with his wife and daughter. His daughter’s only two or three years old. Can you imagine raising someone in this environment? As far as I know, my boss is loving Alaska. He loves the mountains, the fields, the wildlife.  I hope the winter doesn’t bring him down.

Here’s something else: Papillion is getting over nine hours of sunlight per day, I get to enjoy fewer than eight hours of daylight per day, meanwhile Fairbanks gets fewer than four hours. This Wednesday (tomorrow), the sun will rise in Fairbanks at 10:50a and set 2:40p.

Spending time on weather.com has revealed something odd about my city’s location (on the eastern edge of our time zone) in regards to GMT and Central time. The sun will rise tomorrow in Papillion at 7:42a and will rise in Cambridge at 8:01a, basically the same time. This explains why it’s dark here so early even though we have a reasonable amount of daylight. You see, tomorrow the sun will set at 3:47p in Cambridge but not till 4:56p in Papillion. By the way, have you ever looked at the countries in GMT on a map? It’s a weird conglomerate.

As a final note, I’m not planning to blog the next few days. I’ve been quite consistent so far, and I know you all depend on me for a daily read, but I’m taking a hiatus. In the meantime, enjoy the snow. I find it particularly enjoyable while viewing the pictures on this post.

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3 Responses to Rainy skies with an 80% chance of clouds

  1. Sharon Thomsen says:

    I can’t believe your sun is setting at 3:47. That would explain your need for a hiatus. You probably just want to sleep. A lot. I definitely could not handle an Alaskan winter!

    The snow falling on your blog, on the other hand, is absolutely delightful. Wowie zowie!

    • K Arterburn says:

      I wish I could say I’m some awesome code writer and made the snow myself, but it’s a special holiday preset on WordPress.

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