Mansize boogies

I bought some tissues today, NOT mansize, but I thought someone out there might get a giggle out of this. Can you believe this is a marketing strategy here? And tissues aren’t the only mansize items you can find.

Mansize tissues. This makes me think of giant amounts of snot. Egh. I guess it’s not incredibly obvious from the photo, but these are big tissues. What do you need big tissues for? You tell me. Imagine someone bringing these home for you, maybe you’ve been sick or something. “Honey, I bought you some mansize tissues. I could tell the other tissues weren’t meeting your demands.” Oh, the implications.

I don’t need mansize tissues. It’s true, I’m not a man. In fact, I often feel like I don’t utilize enough of regular tissues. When I’m sick, the trashcan fills up with fluffy, angle-y tissues. Maybe someday there will be special funsize tissues for people like me.

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One Response to Mansize boogies

  1. Sidney says:

    Oh honey, these mansize tissues are perfect for your husband!!!

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