Why “HMS Badger”?

There isn’t any good reason. I seem to recall my friend Lindsay calling the van we rode in to New Orleans the HMS Badger, so I guess I’m just keeping the name alive. It is British, so it’s mildly appropriate.

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2 Responses to Why “HMS Badger”?

  1. Lindsay says:

    haha I remember that!

    • Sharon Thomsen says:

      I’ve been wondering about this for 3 months now… what sitcom have I not been watching? What great epic novel have I not read? Whose nickname has not been conveniently repeated in my presence? How can I have absolutely no clue as to what (or whom) is HMS Badger?!!?!

      Little did I know I had my own daughter to thank for this mystery… although I must have been in a different van… but I can rest so much easier at night now. Sigh. Thanks, K.

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