So sad the parting of friends

Zach and I just finished reading The Lord of the Rings together, and Sam and Frodo’s farewell has made me so sad. Instead of dwelling on these hobbits, I thought I’d think of happy things like my friendship with Sara and Celeste, dearest of friends.

Sara, Celeste, and I were born to be best friends. The trials we’ve faced in our lives have only proven it to be so. I was so pleased to spend so much time with them this summer when they helped me prepare for my wedding and so touched when they traveled back to Nebraska to say goodbye to me before I moved to Cambridge.

A few years ago the three of us starting hosting our own summer camp for ourselves, and that is when we first started referring to ourselves as FAT–it’s an acronym of our last names’ initials. Here are a several photos of FAT through the years (many thanks to Celeste for having a compulsion to catalog our lives):

FAT as children

FAT in California

FAT at the first annual FAT Camp

FAT at Henry Doorly Zoo

FAT at Village Inn

FAT on a boat (sorry the pic is small)

FAT using computers

FAT iChatting


FAT in Cairo, NE

FAT on what was later known as Mad Matching Day, since we didn't pre-coordinate our outfits

FAT in Chicago

FAT with Lindsay and Kitty, together creating the Super Intense Fun Team

FAT preparing for my wedding

FAT in Oklahoma City

To Sara and Celeste: wherever you are, I wish you well and wish you were here!

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4 Responses to So sad the parting of friends

  1. Sara says:

    This post and the pictures you included brought me so much joy. I love you and I wish I was with you right now! FAT forever.

  2. celflo says:

    Ahhh!!! My heart is so warm right now! :) THE best of friends! Miss you!!

  3. Kitty says:

    I love this! FAT has truly lasted the test of time. I must say, I vividly remember when you guys looked like that first picture….how cute :) And I still cannot believe you guys went to Cairo!

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