What you may not have noticed in the tour of our flat

We don’t have a microwave. I urge you every time you use your microwave during the next few days to imagine what you’d do without it. I’ll tell you something: it takes a lot longer to heat things up without one. First, the oven has to warm up. Then the food does. It no longer takes five minutes to heat up yesterday’s leftovers. Soup? Has to go on the stove. I don’t know what the method for reheating food in the oven is, and I don’t want to know. I twist the knob to somewhere between 175-190ºC and put the food in. Check it every 10 minutes or so.

We also don’t have a toaster. This doesn’t matter a lot except when we’re making toast. I’ve left a few pieces of bread in the oven long enough for them to turn to stone, yet they still haven’t browned one iota. I’ve slowly figured it out, for the most part. I try different temps, etc. This is how I live now.

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5 Responses to What you may not have noticed in the tour of our flat

  1. Kitty says:

    What?! I had no idea you didn’t have one! That sounds awful!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    do you have a broiler setting on your oven?? That might work for toast….

    but as for the microwave, you have my condolences. That’s terrible.

  3. Sharon Thomsen says:

    I’m thinking if you butter the bread and broil it like you would for garlic toast, it would brown… maybe…

  4. Joanna says:

    I have faced this problem the last two years as well. But the toast is easily remedied. put a pan on a stove. turn stove wayyyyy up. then. put le bread. and watch it very carefully, it’s like a 3 min process for both sides. but it burns really easily and if it burns it smells like charcoal and turns a comical black. it’s needy as far as food items go. but nothing’s quite like toast!

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