The state of our statues

There’s a lot of beautiful art and architecture in Cambridge but not at Churchill College. One or two buildings look pretty cool, but for the most part they’re pretty bland and boring. Churchill College has only been around since the ’60s, so there are no great stone halls here. At first, I was jealous of some of our friends who live in these gorgeous old buildings with great staircases. However, after giving it a little thought, I’m happy I live in a building with proper insulation, level floors, and clean walls. The state of some of those old rooms is atrocious. I know people who are afraid to walk barefoot on their carpet.

But as I said, Churchill College isn’t beautiful. Take this statue for instance:

That’s not worth much to look at. Maybe if the material were different it’d be OK, but it’s just gross. It’s not interesting. It’s not beautiful. Psh. (I hope none of you new-agey people try to defend this and say it’s cool.) Z likes that it sometimes looks like a face, but that can only do so much for it. I hope it has a good story or something. We have a friend here who thinks it’s so ugly that she’s trying to get permission to put a beehive in it.

There are also these:

I don’t have a problem with these. They’re kind of cool. But they don’t compare even to the artwork at UNL, and Lincoln is no Mecca of artistry (though it’s nothing to snub your nose at either). I’ll give you three pieces of art at UNL that are cooler than these statues at Churchill. (I didn’t take any of the photos below.)

1) The metal tree

2) The torn notebook

3) The severed head

Now these are cool.

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3 Responses to The state of our statues

  1. Kitty says:

    I will has some good statues! I never would have known about the tree if it werent for you!

  2. Austin says:

    Did I just go 4 years without noticing the head? Where the hell is that at?!

    • K Arterburn says:

      It’s right in front of the Sheldon Art Museum, which is right by CBA. Do you walk around w/ your eyes closed?

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