One of the things I find hard to reconcile with in Cambridge is the closing time of businesses. Stores close around 6p here–that’s so early! In the States if you’re out in the evening you can go shopping, grab a bite, and shop some more. Here, there’s no picking something up after dinner. You can’t get in.

With stores, this is OK. I don’t have that much shopping to do anyway. And the grocery store is open till 11:30p, so I can deal. What really bothers me is that coffee shops close early. A few stay open to 7:30p but still! I got shooed out of one at 5p once. That just seems insane to me. Culture shock! You can’t meet a friend for coffee after dinner, you can’t stop by and grab a hot drink on your way home.

For me, this is huge. Where do I meet a friend? A coffee shop. Where do I study? A coffee shop. Where do I go when I want to curl up on a couch but am tired of being home? A coffee shop.

I can’t order my favorite drinks at Starbucks, I can’t hang out in a coffee shop after 7:30p, and the coffee shops in town are always packed. What can I do? Act like it’s a big deal and complain on my blog.

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4 Responses to Closed

  1. danny sabra says:

    how late are the bars open?

  2. Sara says:

    that is unacceptable!

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