What’s Thanksgiving, again?

So, some people say it’s Thanksgiving, wished me a good one, etc. I guess you Yanks are all enjoying yourselves, watching TV, doing dishes, yada yada. Over here, it’s just another day. People go to work, people go to class. There’s no “government holiday” business. Heck, we didn’t even get Guy Fawkes Day off. You celebrate in the evening. What do you need off work for? But, hey, if you wanna make up a holiday, give yourselves the day off, go for it.

We actually did celebrate Thanksgiving. Sort of. Churchill College had a Thanksgiving-themed formal night tonight. We invited an American couple we know through Gates to go with us. It wasn’t that exciting (there was no Bond marathon playing), but it was nice. Our waiter poured us free wine by mistake (it was BYOA), and the sweet potatoes were really good. Of course, shortly into eating our sweet potatoes our waiter informed us the potatoes weren’t for us since we had the vegetarian dish. Too late! We’d already eaten them. We enjoyed the vegetarian meal and half the regular entrée. Dessert was kind of a disappointment. I really wanted pumpkin pie, but they served pecan. I wasn’t surprised by this, though. I think you’re right, Danny, pumpkin may really be a New World food. I haven’t seen it anywhere. (Remember how I couldn’t get a pumpkin spice latte?)

We had a good time, though. Sat with friends. Of course, the first thing we did after getting home was put sweats/pjs on. Who wants to wear nice clothes? By the way, these formal dinners last three hours. What? That’s a good chunk of the evening.

As a parting note, I’ll leave you with this: why do Thanksgiving images/banners/etc. (such as the one below) often have turkeys wishing you a happy Thanksgiving? This should be American turkeys’ most dreaded time of year. They’re probably wishing you anything but a happy Thanksgiving. I’ll wish you a happy Thanksgiving, though.

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