What’s going on over there

Though winter’s coming, things seem to be heating up in the New World, or so the news sources I follow seem to say. I just read that a woman’s miscarriage might be the result of the police’s discretionary force at an OWS rally. Regardless of whether this woman is lying or not, I, for one, would be interested in whether a couple kicks to the stomach and pepper spray could cause a miscarriage. If so, it doesn’t seem like much discretion was used when yelling “I’m pregnant!” doesn’t stop assault (assuming she wasn’t lying about yelling that).

All this is to say, what the what is going on there? You’ve had enough time to “civilize” the land. Start behaving yourselves.

Over here, with my limited understanding of current events, the law, so many things, I’m still struggling to reconcile how it’s OK to employ violence against peaceful people. Dye your clothes black? And since when were chancellors monarchs? If one decrees “thou shalt not assemble here,” you really can’t? If Harvey (UNL’s chancellor) had found me reading by the fountain, deemed my action a disturbance, and told me to leave, then I’d have to move? On that note, college campuses are practically free-loitering zones, so it strikes me as odd that so much turmoil has surrounded some of the student protests. It doesn’t seem like a bunch of organized loiterers would be so much more disturbing than the unorganized. (I’m assuming here that the student protests have been on quads, greens, that sort of setting. I don’t actually know. If someone were to tell me students were camping in the chancellor’s office that would change my assessment.) I remember seeing a giant prayer tent set up on UNL’s quad several times, and the police were never called. They weren’t even called when a bunch of pro-lifers displayed blown-up pictures of gore all over the quad. Now that was disruptive–I had to change half my route to and from class. It probably added three minutes to my commute.

What I’m trying to say is, you guys start showing each other some respect. Otherwise, I’m gonna get some of my new Red Coat friends and we gonna subjugate you like you haven’t seen since the 18th century.

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