Since everyone’s dying to know, my birthday was great!

But not what I’d expected. Since I’d been sick much of last week, I was itching to hit the town, wander through some shops, etc. Let me tell you what I thought was going to happen: I wanted to wake up in the mid to late morning, go to the City Centre while Z was in class, come home and open presents/cards, go to dinner with Z at Cocum (Indian restaurant), go to a production of The Importance of Being Earnest (Should that be in italics? I don’t feel like checking in Garner.), go to Café Rouge for desert, and go home.

That’s not what actually happened. I couldn’t fall asleep Friday night so slept in really late on Saturday. By the time I was getting ready to head to town, Z was already back from class (he came home early). I decided to stay home, since I can easily go shopping next week on one of the many days Z is mathing all day. I opened my gifts (thank you!), and we went to dinner at Cocum. Dinner was delicious, but it took us a bit longer to get out of there than we anticipated (i.e. our check took 30 min), so by the time we left the play had already begun–good thing we didn’t order advanced tickets. I was too full to go to Café Rouge for desert at that point, so we went to Sainsbury’s (another fine establishment) and bought a mini Belgian chocolate mousse cake and champagne. At first we grabbed a kind of expensive bottle but put it back since it wasn’t chilled. The chilled bottle we grabbed was much cheaper, which was nice, but I didn’t think the champagne was very good. Anyway, we brought that stuff home (and these custard tarts that Z found?) and watched a movie.

In all, I had a very pleasant day. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was good nonetheless.

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