On mail and cards

I wanted to take a bunch of pictures today, maybe capture the sunset, but after snapping the first photo my camera ran out of batteries. I guess you only get one picture. It already looks like the sun is setting in this picture, but that’s not the case. The sun is just at an angle. I took this at 2p.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s my birthday week, which doesn’t mean a lot but does mean I get a little mail. I’ve already received two birthday gifts (one was from me) and a birthday card. I love mail. Hopefully Z will check our pigeonhole (read “mailbox”) tomorrow–he hasn’t checked it since last Thursday. Why don’t I check it? Simple. It’s in the Porter’s Lodge (read “main building at Churchill College”) in a room that my ID card doesn’t give me access to. Yes, it’s silly that I can’t check my own mail. My card also won’t get me into the Gates Room where the yoga class I attend meets, so I have to lurk around until someone else comes along. I can, however, get into the MCR (read “grad”) bar at Churchill College. I think I can get into the college’s library, too, but word has it that I can’t check out books. Z could check them out for me.

Even though my U. of Cambridge ID doesn’t give me access to some places I’d like it to, it does get me student discounts, which I love. A few restaurants and bus lines in town give student discounts, Cambridge University Press gives discounts at their shop, and Gap has a 10% student discount, which is great since my employee card isn’t accepted here–plus I don’t work for them anymore.

Other cards I’ve acquired since coming here include a YHA (Youth Hostel Association) membership, a young person’s railcard (money saver), a Nectar card (grocery savings card), and a (public) library card. Fun fact: my library card was free. I don’t know how libraries generally work in the US, but I thought library cards came with a fee. Oh, and I have a Café Nero punch card.

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5 Responses to On mail and cards

  1. Cindy says:

    Cool picture! Sorry your battery died on your camera. Enjoy your Birthday week – wish we could celebrate your birthday with you.

  2. Sara says:

    Birthday Week!!!!!!

  3. Austin says:

    Birthday week > Shark week

    -PSH.. Let me know when my package makes it there so I know it didn’t get detained by US Customs!

  4. Danny says:

    library cards in america are free. That is until you forget to return that harlequin novel with the shirtless Fabio on the front.

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