Kitty and cats

Anyone who knows me knows I love cats. Dinah, my first cat, was a gem. I was so fond of her. She curled up with me at night and warmed my lap by day. She scared my friends, attacked my younger brother, and hid from strangers. She was petite, sleek, and smooth. Perfect. Then she died. So it goes.

My second and third cats Miko (image: right) and Chewie (left) are a different sort. They’re big, striped cats that prowl around and pounce on each other. Miko’s a sweet angel who would never hurt anything bigger than a bug (or maybe small rodent?), and Chewie’s a moody hooligan who will rub up against your leg and bite you when you try to hold him. They’re the most playful cats I’ve ever known and considerably naughtier than Dinah was. This might be because they’re part lynx–wild!

Kitty (image swiped from her blog) is a whole ‘nother kind of cat. She’s a law student who likes to make things, has perfect teeth, and is a great photographer (she took our engagement photos). She spoils me with unexpected presents (thanks for the coasters and apple coozey–you’re the best!) and is great to share coffee with. I couldn’t be more glad my last year at UNL lined up with her first year of law school there, and I couldn’t be more sad that we only enjoyed one year in Lincoln together.

I’m deprived of all of them right now (and Dinah forever), but before long I’ll be back in the US having coffee with Kitty and searching for a pet-friendly apartment in our next location.

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5 Responses to Kitty and cats

  1. Austin says:

    Best blog to date!!!

  2. celflo says:

    Wonderful!!!! I rank them as follows: Kitty, Chewie, Dinah, and Miko. All fabulous beings, just some [[Kitty and Chewie]] notably better than others.

  3. Kitty says:

    Oh my gosh- how did I miss this post?! You’re so great :) I’m honored to be in the same post as such lovely felines

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