Want to plan my holiday?

Planning one’s travels can be really hard. Booking flights, trains, hostels, etc., is both time-consuming and annoying. I probably have over 40 pages bookmarked in folders within folders on my browser. I want to simply show up somewhere, say “I’m here,” and be accommodated–is that too much to ask? At least in December, traveling doesn’t work that way, and stuff gets booked.

I’d been thinking that Z and I could go on a Mediterranean Extravaganza! during early December–it’d be relatively warm and full of adventures–but now I’m wondering if we should save that for later and hit the Alps and some other more wintry places. The main problem with this is that I feel quite directionless–where should we go, what should we do?  Z and I aren’t skiers, mostly because neither of us have done it before. Is skiing all that great or mostly a hassle? We’re also poor.

Another option would be to hit Italy, the (Swiss) Alps, and then Germany and/or Belgium (or something). So many options! Aye yai yai. We already have plans to go to Paris (with our good friend Lex and yet-to-be-tried friend Rob), so in your much appreciated suggestions you can leave that out. You were so helpful when I asked about Italy (that’s not sarcasm, I got several replies but not all are in the comments section). Want to help out more?

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