Is there any way to get odour out of a dry-clean-only garment without dry cleaning it?

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3 Responses to Odour

  1. Sidney says:

    Febreeze or spritzing rubbing alcohol or soda and water??? I’ve only used Febreeze but have heard the other options also work….

  2. Sidney says:

    Oh, and turn it wrong side out and leave it hanging up where it can air out. If you have a nice day and can open a window, in front of the window is a good spot.

  3. Sharon Thomsen says:

    If you have a “tumble only” or “air dry” setting on your dryer (assuming you have a dryer at your disposal in Cambridge) you can also tumble the garment (meaning, without any heat) with a Bounce sheet or other fabric softener sheet made for the dryer. It kind of helps move the odour out of the garment onto the sheet and leaves a nice fresh fragrance at the same time. For stronger odours, multiple dryer sheets are recommended. However, this laundry tip is really for odors. I don’t know if odours are really worth worrying about. They seem much more genteel.

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