Would You Rather: Italy edition

After one week I’ve already failed at maintaining Would-You-Rather Wednesdays, so we’ll just do away with them. ‘Tis best to dismiss failure. Anywho, new question. Z and I want to pass through Italy over hols and don’t know where to go. We’ll probably hit either Venice or Rome. If you know anything about Italy and/or have been there, please cast your vote below. Comments are encouraged, especially if you select “other.”

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2 Responses to Would You Rather: Italy edition

  1. ann says:

    No matter where you go in Italy you will encounter history. It is a beautiful country. Rome is wonderful, but so is Venice! I especially loved Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast, magnificent.

  2. Sharon Thomsen says:

    Why would you go to Italy and skip either one of these cities?? Do both. Please. If you only have time for one… then, you might as well just go somewhere else, and come back to Italy when you can do it justice.

    You can’t skip Rome, and the amazing ancientness of the remains of the Coliseum, sitting in the middle of a busy city with cars flying all around it. And you can’t skip Venice. Period. Do you know how many movies have been filmed with scenes in San Marcos Square? Zillions. You will, for the rest of your life, about once a week, be watching a movie and say… “Hey! That’s San Marcos Square!!” You really don’t want to be left out in the cold on that one.

    And when you’re done with Rome and Venice, you need to take the train to Brindisi, buy a ticket to ride the ferry to Greece, and eat pistachio ice cream while you wait for the ferry. You’ll never regret it.

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