Winter blues

Although I don’t know what I’d do (as far as biking) if there were two inches of snow on the sidewalks and streets, but holy mother I will be disappointed if it doesn’t snow in Cambridge this winter. My Facebook is a hot mess of Nebraskan hate of snow right now, and I’m sick of these whiners. Get off your pity pot! How old do you have to be to understand the cyclic progression of the seasons? I know I sometimes moan about summer–it’s hard not to complain about weather. But seriously, whether or not you like cold weather snow is beautiful, especially when fresh. The first snowfall is magical. Keep your sour ‘tudes to yourself.

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3 Responses to Winter blues

  1. Jonna Sue says:


  2. Lindsay says:

    I completely agree! If you don’t like snow, then move down here to SC where it’s green and boring and non-seasonal and quit hatin. SHEESH.

  3. Sidney says:

    I don’t understand…it was such a lovely snow and not freezing cold so what’s the problem?

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