Flat 44, revisited

Many of you may have seen the tour of our flat that I made soon after our arrival in England over one month ago. Now that we’ve lived here for a while, I thought I might show you a broken-in version of our flat, photo tour this time. The place seems much warmer to me now, maybe to you too.

This is the main living area. You can also see our kitchen/dining/everything else table.

Our couch isn't very big, but it's cosy with a blanket (actually fleece sleeping bag) on the back (the couch is scratchy) and our two extra pillows on it.

Here you'll find three of our five plants as well as shoes, wine, and books.

Here's a closer view of our plants. The cyclamen (far right) has been dropping buds. I'm either caring for it wrong or it's going into its dormant stage.

A close-up of our book shelf for anyone who's interested. You may be wondering, "Where's The Two Towers?" Well, we didn't bring it. A library copy is on the coffee table. These aren't all the books we brought, though. Inifinite Jest is hiding among Z's things, and many math books made it across the ocean.

You can again see our table but also into the kitchen.

We have practically no space to store dry foods. A few things are under the sink, and a few things are mixed with the dishes in those upper cabinets. Everything else ends up on the counter.

This is a view from our living "room" into the bed area.

I might as well take this moment to introduce you to our newest plant, a luck bamboo pyramid. You can also see my bike lights, some spare keys, and our change mug.

Bed, etc.

The orchid is doing well, and, though I've acquired many more plants, it remains my favorite. And, yes, that is my retainer.

The wardrobe and drawers look the same.

This is more or less Z's domain. I pin things to the cork board occasionally, but that's about all.

This place is turning into a home.

Also, it’s November! Since it’s my birthmonth, I’ve stored all the wonderful things about November in my heart and use them as support when claiming November is the best month.

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7 Responses to Flat 44, revisited

  1. Kitty says:

    Wow it looks so cute!!! I love all the plants too :)

  2. Sara says:

    I’m so glad you still wear your retainer.

  3. Cindy says:

    I liked seeing how you are making your flat yours :)

  4. Sidney says:

    Awesome! I love all of the plants. You are quite the interior designer.

  5. Heather says:

    It makes me glad that you brought Garner with you. David bought the Legal Usage book with his birthday money because he couldn’t stand to wait for someone else to get it for him.

  6. Jtizzle says:

    You can have wine in the open with out getting a fine?! The benefits of the real world

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