Taters, precious

Is this not the most hugest potato you’ve ever seen? Until now we’ve received really puny potatoes from our grocer, but this time we got a monster! It’s hefty, too.






On another note, Z and I are becoming more European every day–black clothes, big scarves, French novels, fewer showers. We’re pretty well acclimated.

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12 Responses to Taters, precious

  1. Z Norwood says:

    That’s a blanket, not a ‘big scar[f]’!

  2. Danny says:

    are you actually reading les mis? I’ve been contemplating it, but i’m reticent to commit myself to a 3 year conflict.

    • K Arterburn says:

      Yes, and I’ll admit that I’m surprisingly naive about its contents. Consider this: I have not seen the musical or movie, I haven’t listened to the music, and I had no idea it was published only 18 years before The Brothers Karamazov. I’m only about 50 pages in, and it’s already been dealing w/ one of Karamazov’s main themes (God v. no God). There’s also been a lot of name dropping–who are these people? My knowledge of French history is poor, but I’m liking this book. If you read it, I’d suggest getting a hold of a copy with an introduction by Peter Washington. It cracked me up! Not what I was expecting. I don’t know which translation is best. The library only had one copy.

      • Danny Sabra says:

        I too am pretty naive about it’s contents. I’ve only seen the movie (the one with Liam Neeson. He knows whasup)
        Yet I was a wee little lad and I’ve since forgotten most of it. actually almost all of it. I only remember the parts that are similar to the movie Taken, which involve a river, and europe. thats about it. haha.

        I’ve heard it has a million characters. I’ll consider reading it.

        • K Arterburn says:

          It’s really drawing me in, and I’m excited to read it. It’s also really approachable in that it has lots of tiny chapters just as The Brothers K did. It also makes me sad–that’s an understatement. I almost want to cry. I should have expected that from the title but was for some reason surprised when the first episode came along.

  3. David Morrison says:

    Let’s see, a French novel called the Miserables. An oxymoron? You decide. Remember kids, you are Americans. Take a shower every day. It’s a rule. You can’t come back if you smell French.


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