WYRW: trains & planes

When I wrote my post about rain I completely forgot that I was planning to do something new. Introducing Would You Rather Wednesdays. This hearkens back to when two of my favorite lunch mates and I would go on fantastic binges of “would you rathers”–most of them had to do with feet and snakes (sorry, ropes), but that won’t be the case here.

Zach and I are attempting to plan our winter travels, and that is what has inspired this WYRW. So…

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6 Responses to WYRW: trains & planes

    • K Arterburn says:

      That looks SO good. I’m only missing one ingredient! Only I hope I don’t really need a food processor.

  1. DMM says:

    I really liked the poll question, but then I remembered that Garner says ending with a preposition is nbd. Then I deflated a little.

    • K Arterburn says:

      Do you think Garner is being lax? Are you sad to see that convention go? (That prep’s at the end.) My linguistics professor always said English sentences are made to end in prepositions. (She also said English was made for split infinitives.) If sentence flow is fine and the meaning is clear why insist upon some antiquated, ruler-slapping-school-Nazi rule of grammar? That’s not to say, of course, that one can’t begin sentences with prepositional phrases.

  2. DMM says:

    At first I was sad because it was like he was stealing some of my elitism. I can’t really judge people for “messing up” the conventions that don’t matter anymore. But now, I’m convinced by most of his analysis, and I like his less uptight approach. Also, I can kind of use it to out-elitist other grammatical elites when they get uptight about split infinitives or preposition endings or whatever.

  3. celflo says:

    Please never have a WYRW about ropes. I would have to stop reading your blog if that ever happened!!

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