Rain, rain, go away?

It doesn’t rain in Cambridge as often as I expected. On the left hand, this is great news. I’d rather bike when it’s dry, walk when it’s dry. My shoes and clothes don’t have to dry out. I’m not as cold when I’m outside. On the right hand, I packed for rain. I didn’t bring my comfy loafers (thanks again, mom, for mailing them). I didn’t bring my comfy boots (I might request those over hols).







Zach and I have three umbrellas. We brought a nice one with a wooden handle and a cheap one from Target, and we found another cheap one in our flat. The cheap ones collapse smaller and are light, so we usually use them. Why bother, though? It’s raining now (or was a moment ago), but it’s 11p. I know that is early to a lot of you people, but Cambridge shuts down early. I mean, even the bars close around 11p.

Anywho, when you think of me (or Z) don’t imagine wet streets and drizzle around. We’re in the driest part of England.

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