Superman, vegetarian burritos, and disco: foosball and fusion

Z and I kicked off our Friday night by attending a lecture at Jesus College by Prof. Cindi Katz entitled “Superman, Tiger Mother: Aspiration Management and the Child as Waste.” She talked about the ways political and economic anxiety affect how people raise their children. Did I know that would be her main topic? No, who could guess what would come from a lecture with that title. I hadn’t spent much energy thinking about this problem, so it was good to learn about. Most of what she shared was pretty general and shallow, though.

After the lecture, we met a couple friends for dinner at the St. John’s College buttery. (“Buttery” is such an unappetizing word. What’s that place called in Wheaton with “butter” in the name? Nice place, but why “butter”?) Anywho, we ate some mediocre burritos and had a nice time.

Afterward, the four of us walked to this Gates event “New Meets Old” (charming title). Supposedly, the new Gates scholars were supposed to mingle with the old, but everyone just talked with people they knew. We arrived early (as in, when it started), so the place was pretty empty for a while. There was a DJ mixing it up but no dancers. Our dinner mates joined us in foosball (otherwise known as table football), which was fun but difficult. The foosball table was in the dancing room where it was dark and strobe-light lit. I very often couldn’t see the ball at all–and I’m already a poor player. It was amusing, though.

Now time for bed. Not really but soon. Time for a cookie!

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3 Responses to Superman, vegetarian burritos, and disco: foosball and fusion

  1. Sara says:

    Butterfield’s is the place in Wheaton. Named after a street, so I feel like that gives it a little more basis for having “butter” in the title, but I agree with you – butter should be avoided in restaurant names, if at all possible. Ew.

    • Mama "T" says:

      Hmmmm. I think Butterfield’s is the perfect name for a restaurant that serves pancakes, even if it was located on a different street. And, really, I think butter makes so many things delicious. Cookies or cakes baked with real butter, hot cornbread slathered with butter, baked potatoes with butter, chives and sour cream. Butter may very well be the best invention since sliced bread itself.

  2. Heather says:

    Just thinking about butter makes me nauseated after reading about this:

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