To the Queen! To Winston!

Tonight was Churchill College’s post-graduate Matriculation Dinner. All the masters and PhD (and what have you) students were invited to this (semi-) formal dinner in Churchill College’s dining hall. There were toasts, wine, and good food.

When we arrived at 7p, we thought we’d be ushered into the dining hall for dinner but instead enjoyed champagne (or orange juice) in a general mingling area. At 7:30p we went to hall and found our assigned seats. Zach and I were at Table D and sat diagonally across from each other. I wasn’t overly pleased by this arrangement, but it was OK. We each met several new people since we couldn’t very well talk to each other. I mainly conversed with a lady from Sri Lanka, a fellow from Panama, and another from Manchester.

Dinner consisted of four courses (soup, appetizer, main dish, dessert) followed by a cheese plate. Everything was quite good. Toward the end, the college Master gave a speech, and we toasted the Queen and Winston. Then the MCR (read post-graduate) president gave a speech, and we left soon after. It was right around 11p when we arrived home. We’re quite tuckered out–Z is already lying on the bed.

Below find some post-dinner snapshots of us. We can’t take a good picture of ourselves, but I haven’t featured any self portraits for a while.

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11 Responses to To the Queen! To Winston!

  1. Kitty says:

    You both look so pretty!!!!

  2. Danny Sabra says:

    winston as in churchill?

    • K Arterburn says:

      Yes, he is the matriarch, if you will, of our College. Actually it’s only named after him as a memorial.

      • Danny Sabra says:

        Ah yes. I totally missed that connection. “Churchill College”

        I’m a big Winston fan. If I ever get a bulldog I’m naming him after Winston.

      • Mama "T" says:

        Maybe you already explained this, but are the colleges arranged by field of study like they are in the States? Like, is Churchill College the College of Mathematics or something like that? (I think if I got a chance to toast Winston Churchill I would be super excited.)

        • K Arterburn says:

          The colleges are not arranged by field of study. The best way I can think of describing them is as Hogwarts houses. They mostly determine what area of town you live in (if you live on University property) and which people you see at social events. They are closer to social organisations than anything.

  3. Sidney says:

    With all of those courses for your meal it sounds a bit like dinner at the Tracy’s :):):)
    Thank you for posting the pics of yourselves…you are SO photogenic!!

  4. Z Norwood says:

    Did we have desert or dessert? I don’t remember…

  5. Cindy says:

    Loved the pictures – Sounds like it was an interesting dinner.

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