Mod Fam!

Did you know you can’t watch shows on or Hulu here? Do you know what that means? No Modern Family. I only watch one show (though I’d be willing to expand that to two if I were in the States–hellooooo, 30 Rock!) and was prepared to give it up, but now I don’t have to! Thanks to the ingenuity of one of Z’s fellow Gates Scholars (a gender-studies man) a weekly screening will be held every Monday in the Gates Room (they have so many special things). We had our first viewing party this evening and loved it–except that we had to sit through an episode of Glee afterward, to be polite. This was the first time I’d seen a whole episode. Those people will sing at the slightest provocation and sometimes without any. My high school sure wasn’t like that. Any, anywho, it was fun, and I’ll be looking forward to next Monday.

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6 Responses to Mod Fam!

  1. Sidney says:

    I’m truly sorry that you had to sit through an episode of Glee. The story line is AWFUL now. We haven’t caught up on all of this season’s episodes but so far, even the music is lacking something. It would be better if the Glee episode was first then you could at least leave on a high note after watching Modern Family. :)

  2. Austin says:

    This website should work for modern family:


    First one will have a few more pop ups than the second. Also I trust megavideo or zshare when picking which source you would like to watch! I hope you are able to catch up soon! :) Mod. Fam has been great this season! I miss fam night!

  3. Heather says:

    Glee is truly awful. I used to watch just for the songs, but then David pointed out how pained Rachel Berry looks when she sings. You should pay attention to that, should you be forced to watch any more episodes. It’s mildly amusing.

  4. K Arterburn says:

    Watching Glee wasn’t that bad. It’s definitely not boring, it’s just a little wild for me. Freaks and Geeks is my high-school-based show of choice.

  5. celflo says:

    I am so happy you get to watch ModFam!! What a wonderful show. I remember having such a difficult time getting my paws on my shows while I was in Vienna. If there is one show that you should be watching this season it is definitely ModFam!! And as for expanding to 30 Rock: it is a mid-season this year since Tina had her baby so you will only have a short season to catch up on! How convenient!

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