Looking in all the wrong places

Some items are hard to find here. There aren’t giant superstores all over the place that cater to my every need. Where do I find a screwdriver or tape? Pharmacies here aren’t mini general stores. Tape I found at the grocery store, but I still don’t know where I’d find a screwdriver–a gas station? Those aren’t on every corner. (I don’t need a screwdriver anymore, though.)

Today I went looking for men’s socks. I had an easy time locating places that sold men’s socks but a hard time finding socks like those that Z normally wears. (Note: I don’t know what ankle socks are. I’ve seen socks that only reach the ankle labeled ankle socks and socks that go over and beyond the ankle labeled that. For the purpose of this post, I’ll refer to them as short and long socks.) I was looking for short white socks with grey toes and heels since that’s what he normally wears. I went into several shoe and clothing stores, including two department stores, and couldn’t find them. In some, I couldn’t even find short socks. Z and I think they may not be popular here since people can wear trousers all year. I ended up buying some entirely grey short socks. They seem nice.

I also went looking for yoga pants, since I left mine at home. I found maybe two pairs. I’m not really sure what one of them was. It seemed old lady-ish. The other was £28, and I’m not paying nearly $45 just for yogas (at least not while we’re poor). So, yeah, the sock hunt was more successful.

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One Response to Looking in all the wrong places

  1. Danny Sabra says:

    A hardware store would probably have your screwdriver! and I characterize ankle sox as the short sox that cover your ankle, sox below the ankle are typically sold as “no sho” or “below ankle” sox.

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