Worked. Out.

I don’t really do exercise. Occasionally I run (I think I ran, maybe, five times this summer), and I don’t do much other than that. That means today was big for me. I biked, ran, yoga-ed, and walked (what?). OK, so I only biked for maybe half an hour, and I wasn’t biking hard. I wanted to try biking on a street with cars. It was fine, I guess. I’m nervous about making right turns (remember we ride/drive on the left), so I usually dismount near a crosswalk instead of cutting across traffic. I mean, I’m learning to bike in traffic for the first time in a place where I don’t know all the road rules. What do you expect?

Then I went to Yoga for Gates. It’s not really for Gates but for the Gates scholars and is held in the Gates Room near the City Centre. Sessions are once a week and super cheap compared to other yoga places around. Z was busy mathing, but I still wanted to go. It may not have been my greatest idea, but I decided to run instead of bike or walk to class. Running was fine, and I went through some pretty areas, but I arrived all red-faced and sweaty. Everyone else was fresh looking in her/his yoga gear. I looked sticky in my running clothes.

The class was great, though. I haven’t been in a yoga class since high school (so long ago), and I like it a lot. I’ve gone through a few poses on my own, but being in a class is much better. I did not want to get out of corpse pose when class ended, but I can’t lie on the floor forever. Anywho, just when I’d cooled down I had to start walking home (I didn’t feel like running again). Now I’m tired. And not exercising (deliberately anyway) for another week.

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2 Responses to Worked. Out.

  1. Danny Sabra says:

    wow. so intense!

  2. Sara says:

    you are so good! way to go!

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