Poll results: Which outfit is dressier

Some men I’ve talked with think menswear is more complicated and hazy than womenswear, at least in regards to nice events. I think menswear is quite straightforward, but that’s another discussion. Last week’s poll results are in!

Raw data:

Grey slacks with no tie: 57.89% (11 votes)

Khaki slacks with tie: 21.05% (4 votes)

Both outfits are equally fancy: 21.05% (4 votes)

Analysis: Though the raw data shows a clear favorite, looks to me like it doesn’t matter which outfit of these outfits you wear. There’s a not much difference in fanciness.

Synthesis: Wear grey slacks without a tie because it is more comfortable, sleeker, and slightly fancier.

Z and I began our discussion because he was invited to an event where slacks were required (for men) and ties were optional. He wore grey slacks without a tie and was glad for it because he gets hot easily.

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2 Responses to Poll results: Which outfit is dressier

  1. Sidney says:

    I would be interested to know how many responses were received. Also, do the citizens of England place a higher regard to the definition of ‘formal wear’. After looking at the Cambridge guidlines for graduation I would say yes. Marcelle would probably say the Europeans aren’t concerned with sweating and the odor it produces….

    • hmsbadger says:

      Things may be a bit more formal here, but it’s hard to say right now. Based on the gala and other events in our future, I’d say yes, but most of the things we/he has been to are Gates Scholar events so have relatively little to do with England.

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