New additions

Meet our beautiful orchid! I’m not sure which variety it is, but it makes our flat so pretty.We bought our orchid for £8 at an outdoor market. I was so happy find it. I’d been eyeing some orchids at a local flower shop this last week and a half, but they were £29.95. They were purple, though, and that would have been lovely. I’m hoping to pick up a nice pot for ours sometime, perhaps at the next craft fair.

We also adopted a basil plant. It’s been a bit sad lately.Would pulling leaves off help? Should we pull leaves every day even if we don’t need any fresh basil? I don’t know.

Though we didn’t buy a pot at the last craft fair, we did buy a clock.It was made from an old cd much the same way as the record clocks some of my friends and I made several years ago (super intense fun!). The crafter who made this clock put some kind of design over the original cd artwork, though. Other clocks there had images of the British flag, red phone booths, and thumb prints among other things.

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3 Responses to New additions

  1. Kitty says:

    Ugh I’ve always wanted an orchid- love this!!!

  2. Sidney says:

    I believe your orchid is a Phalaenopsis ( /ˌfælɨˈnɒpsɪs/). Donna Mathews and Dawn might be able to give you more information since they do enjoy orchids. This looks like a good to-the-point site for you regarding growing basil. The thing I had to learn the hard way with my hydroponic basil was not to water the leaves as it causes damage to the leaves. I personally don’t pull the leaves unless they are brown or I am using them. Absolutely LOVE the clock!!!! WOW…turning your flat into a home :):):)

  3. Cindy says:

    I don’t know anything about Basil, but I think the clock is awesome and the orchid is so lovely!!

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