Grocery delivery

How awesome to have groceries delivered to your home. Shop online. Buy only items from your list. Save energy and time.

We experienced our first grocery delivery today. The deliveryperson brought our groceries right to our door, what a pal. The only hangup was we didn’t know if we were expected to tip him. We didn’t, and that was likely a mistake. Also, we didn’t get the eggplant we ordered, there weren’t any available. Fine. But check out this excellent cracker pack:Of course, we bought cheese to go with them. Unfortunately, of all the wonderful cheeses here (and the cheese is wonderful) we picked a rather bland variety. Who knew Italian mozzarella would be boring?Still a wonderful snacking experience.

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One Response to Grocery delivery

  1. Sidney says:

    Ohhhhh, I LOVE those biscuits with the wheat on them…and all of the other crackers! Grocery delivery…what a concept!

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