Church on a Monday

The +1s met up again today for a picnic. After we picked up wine, cheese, bread, grapes, crackers, and houmus we went to Jesus Green and enjoyed lunch. Jesus Green is a park belonging to Jesus College, and people like to make puns of it (some of which are pretty good). Although I didn’t get a chance to see it, Jesus Green is famous for its outdoor swimming pool, which is as long as two Olympic pools in a row.

We then ventured to Michaelhouse CafĂ©. This tea, coffee, and scones shop is located inside St. Michael’s Church, which is quite old and beautiful. The stained glass was dazzling and the arches very elegant. Conveniently, I found this photo on the internet of the table my group sat at up on the balcony. (I haven’t known the +1s long enough to be comfortable taking pictures of them yet.)There is still a chapel area in the church, even though part of the building sells coffee. You can barely see it through the arches below. (Sorry the pictures are small–they’re from the interwebs.)I’m starting to build up a list of places to take Z when he’s done with his retreat. Of course, there must be dozens of these beautiful little places all over. I mostly want to take him to Grantchester Orchard. If I do, I’ll try to take some pictures of the tea house–it was really cool.

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One Response to Church on a Monday

  1. Sidney says:

    Some would say church and coffee go together like milk and cookies :) Looks absolutely fabulous!

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