A voyage to Brobdingnag

A sneak peak of this post was available on my Facebook page. Remember Brobdingnag from Gulliver’s travels? (I know Z won’t.) I thought I was in a land of giants while eating the shredded wheat Zach and I recently bought.

Aren’t those huge?GIANT WHEATS

Just imagine my surprise when I pulled this long, weird packet out of the box.

I don’t know if these are sold in the States, but I’ve never seen them. Of course, this does put the “mini” qualification of our usual wheats into perspective.

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3 Responses to A voyage to Brobdingnag

  1. Kitty says:

    Oh my gosh…totally ate these in the hostels on pacrim- cuz they were free breakfast. hahaha

  2. Danny Sabra says:

    Yeah! they totally have those here in the states. I’ve seen em at grocery stores all the time. Don’t know who eats them tho. Mostly professional wrestlers and green bean spokesmen i suppose.

  3. Joanna Suen says:

    On first glance, when i looked at this, i thought the wheaties opened up and inside were cheerios. I know it’s a long shot. but by any chance was that how they came?

    p.s. is it like a giant trisket?

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