“Counting Blue Cars”

I’ve had so much harassment about pictures that I finally took a few of our flat and the places we went today. Unfortunately, they are still on my camera (which is in our flat) whereas I am in the graduate-student bar (a place with free wifi). Why not blog from home? Still waiting for internet there. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow (or the next day) for pictures. I can’t be bothered to walk back for the camera now.

In the meanwhile, let me tell you about the most upsetting part of my day. I woke up with “Counting Blue Cars” stuck in my head but couldn’t place the band or song title. Naturally, I went through Zach’s iTunes and found the band I thought sang the song. Train, however, is not responsible for that masterpiece, and I wasted my time listening to four of their songs. Now it is happily in my iTunes. I can rest easy tonight knowing I can listen to it tomorrow morning (Krishna willing I don’t wake up with a different song in my head).

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