Hey friends!

Well, we’re here. We each checked one suitcase and had one carry-on and seem to have more than enough (some people seemed worried about that).

First impressions: things (shops, houses, etc.) are much closer than in ‘merica, which is great since we have to walk everywhere. Also, it hasn’t rained very much, just a little last night. People seem better dressed here and, perhaps, fitter. Other than that, everything’s about the same. Not really.

Today Zach and I went to the Market Centre for groceries and necessities. We learned top sheets are uncommon here. When we tried to buy one the shop lady didn’t know what we were talking about. Duvets are more common, the covers of which are washed easily. We bought the wrong size of fitted sheet, so I guess we’ll be going back to the Centre tomorrow.

If I remember why cameras are useful I’ll consider carrying one with me when we go. I love looking like a tourist.

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3 Responses to Hey friends!

  1. Danny Sabra says:

    How do you know they’re fitter? did you get into a foot chase?

    • hmsbadger says:

      Yes, and I was ahead until my high cholesterol tripped me and the redcoat caught up.

  2. Sidney says:

    I think you should look at the photos as illustrations to accompany your lovely writing :)

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